Connecting your assets

ems3000 series

  • Up to 4 relays Controller

  • Advanced Energy Management

  • Comprehensive parameter list

  • 3 sensor inputs

  • Door Switch input

  • Motion Sensor (integrated and remote)

  • Coms Port

  • Bluettoth 4.2 & ibeacon

  • Water and dust ingress protecion

Refrigerator thermometer sub zero area m

Temperature Sensors

Robust, simple, compatible temperature sensors suitable for your application

Door Switches

To utilise the advanced energy management features, you will need a simple but strong door switch to be installed



elstat config tool allows you to easily configure the parameters of an ems3000 series controller via a PC and the special Config Cable or Docking Station

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10

  • 100 mb available drive space

  • 4mb RAM

  • USB2.0

You will require to download the software and the drivers for the config cable


Docking Station

The docking station is designed to be implemented in a production environment to configure ems3000 units in seconds


Config Cable

Config cable can be used anywhere - in the lab, in the field during a technical visit or an installations to quickly configure and test the device with a laptop

Config Cable Data sheet