elstat is a leading manufacturer of PoS equipment to the food & beverage market.


With 24 years experience and more than 7 million devices installed around the globe, we have learnt a thing or two about controllers, energy management and connectivity.


Our cooler thinking will ensure a hardware solution that is right for you.

Core Controllers

ems3000 series

Building on the success of its predecessor, the ems3000 series integrates the technologies that make it the best IoT enabled refrigeration controller available today in the market.

Standard size, 50% faster data transfer and the best protection from the elements the ems3000 series is the most versatile IoT enabled controller around.


A stalwart of elstat’s award winning energy management device portfolio, ems25 is a reliable controller that has been installed around the world.

With customisable LEDs and a robust design this tireless controller is a fantastic alternative to our IoT enabled ems3000 range.

Advanced Solutions

elstat offers a variety of connected and non-connected controllers, alongside a range of retrofit connectivity options.


Whatever your requirements elstat can support your hardware needs.


Cooler thinking

The ever changing technology landscape plus the growing consumption of data can make it difficult to stay on top of the best solution for your needs.


That’s why elstat adopt cooler thinking.

Simple, reliable, proven solutions delivered quickly and competitively – cooler thinking by elstat.

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